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14 Carlyle Consultants The Berkeley Club In 2013 we were given the opportunity to help Berkeley Group to become the first British developer to collaborate with the best of British Luxury brands on a strategic level by creatingThe Berkeley Club a unique property and lifestyle club for customers. The Berkeley Club offers exceptional access to carefully selected luxury British brands all sharing the same commitment to design excellence and customer service. We managed the running of the club from brand introductions organising events including development launches themed Berkeley Club events and luxury brand events.We also managed related features and articles on the Berkeley Clubs website. ThroughThe Berkeley Club we have created an alliance where luxury brands and Berkeley Group mutually benefit from their customers shared interests and have successfully positioned the Berkeley Group brand within the luxury space. THANK YOU Overthelast25yearsTheBerkeleyGrouphasbuiltareputationforcreatinghomesthatsurpassexpectationsintermsofdesignqualityof constructionandtheirvisionforsustainabledevelopment.AcrossLondontheirdevelopmentsencompassnewhomescontemporaryurban apartmentsrefurbishedhistoricalbuildingstraditionalfamilyhomesandinnovativemixeduseschemesallguaranteedtoexpressthe essentialBerkeleyvalues. MadeupoffiveautonomouscompaniesStGeorgeStJamesBerkeleyStEdwardandStWilliamtheBerkeleyGroupisalisted companyintheFTSE100.