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12 Carlyle Consultants We manage the PR communications and business affairs of the Italian cook restaurateur andTV personality Commendatore Antonio Carluccio OBE OMRI. Our wealth of knowledge in the food industry includes book promotions restaurant openings brand partnerships product launches and media opportunities including television. Our experience also covers website and social media management we have experience in producing short videos and have worked with Jamie Olivers FoodTube. C M Y DAILY MAIL WEEKEND IS PUBLISHED BY ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS LTLTL D. PRINTED BY THE POLESTAR GROUP. REGISTERED AS A NEWSPAPER AT THE POST OFFICE. ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS LIMITED 2014. Thebiggestregretyouwishyoucould amend That I no longer have any communication with my ex-wife Pris- cilla and her children. They were such a happy part of my life for so long but something has happened and I cannot explain what. Thetemptationyouwishyou couldresist Asking so many questions about everything. The priority activity if you were the Invisible Manforaday Id follow a traffic warden around and cause chaos as he gives out tickets. Thepethatethatmakesyourhackles rise... Ignorant people. The person who has influenced you most My mother Maria. She was always ready to defend her six chil- dren and mother taught me a lot about cooking. She died 20 years ago and there are only three of us children left. The book that holds an everlasting resonance Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials trilogy. I love the fan- tasy and losing myself in the stories. The piece of wisdom you would pass ontoachildThink big and if things dont go as you plan just try again. The philosophy that underpins your life MOF MOF Minimum of Fuss Maximum of Flavour. The unlikely interest that engagesyourcuriosity... Whittling wood to make walking sticks. I started when I was a boy and I now have about 300. Im even a member of the Brit- ish Stickmakers Guild. I find it relaxing. Thetreasureditemyou lost and wish you could have again A bronze statue of a girl holding lilies. She was stolen during a house move about 40 years ago and I miss her. The unending quest that drives you on I wish I could cook Chinese food but even though my friend Ken Hom has taught me a bit I still cant do it. Themisapprehensionaboutyourself you wish you could erase That Im grumpy. My face is not entirely sympa- thetic and some people think I look like a Mafioso But Im jolly and gentle. The event that altered the course of yourlifeandcharacter The death of my little brother Enrico when he was 13 and I was 23. He drowned in a lake. I dont think Ive ever got over it. It made me question the Catholic Church and the existence of God. Thecrimeyouwouldcommitknowing you could get away with it Id steal the secret treasures from the Vatican then give the proceeds to the poor. The poem that touches your soul I Love You So Much by the German Joachim Ringelnatz. I lived in Vienna in my 20s and a girl called Inge was my first true love. It reminds me of her. The song that means most to you I Would Like To Kiss You an old Neapolitan song recorded by Pavarotti and others. I remember my father Giovanni singing it to my mother. Thewayyouwouldspendyourfantasy 24hourswithnotravelrestrictions... My day would begin in my garden lis- tening to the birds. Id have porridge coffee and fruit from my trees. Id meet my girlfriend Sabine and go to the Amazon rainforest to meet a tribe that is lost to civilisation. Later Id go for a walk in wood lands in Hampshire to pick mushrooms. Sabine and I would spend the afternoon in the Caribbean. Id go snorkel- ling to look at turtles. Lunch would be salad with fresh fish and tomatoes dipped in the We ask a celebrity a set of devilishly probing questions and only accept THE definitive answer. This week its TV chef Antonio Carluccios turn PS... Everyone assumes Im grumpy. My face isnt entirely sympathetic and some people think I look like a Mafioso Sherlocks Martin Freeman returns to the stage in Richard III at Londons Trafalgar Studios. If you havent seen it before catch the reissued Beatles comedy A Hard Days Night in cinemas from Friday. And David Grays new album Mutineers is out Monday NEXTNEXTNEX WEEKTWEEKT Sixpagesofsensationalsalads tokickoffourbrilliantsummer series KatieDerhaminvites usbackstageattheProms MontyDononhowtobeat theaphidinvasion PLUS BritainsbestTVlistings PHOTO DEFINITE ARTICLE salty sea water. After lunch Id relax in a hammock with a Havana cigar then have a nap. Then Id go to a fishing vil- lage by the Black Sea and eat a kilo of Beluga caviar. Sabine and I would watch the sun go down on safari in Africa then arrive at a tranquil lake in Kerala India for a spicy dinner. Id end the day with a malt whisky. Thehappiestmomentyouwillcherish forever The day in 2009 when I awoke from depression. Id tried to kill myself Antonio stabbed himself in 2008 but after going into The Pri- ory hospital I slowly got better. The saddest time that shook your world Enricos death. That awful moment I saw him in the mortuary is an image that will never leave my mind. Theunfulfilledambitionthatcontin- uestohauntyou To organise all the photos from my life. Theyre all over the place in boxes and drawers. Theorderofserviceatyourfuneral I want my body laid on a bed of sliced truffles then carried into the cremato- rium by six beautiful women. I then want a party in the foothills of Mont Blanc in Italy where my ashes will be put into a firework which will explode and scatter me across the countryside. Thewayyouwanttoberemembered As a jolly fellow who was good to peo- ple and enjoyed simple things. ThePlug Antonios new book Pasta is published by Quadrille priced 20. Visit As told to Rob McGibboncoffee and fruit from my trees. Id meet my girlfriend Sabine and go to the Amazon rainforest to meet a tribe that is lost to civilisation. Later Id go for a walk in wood- lands in Hampshire to pick mushrooms. Sabine and I would spend the afternoon in - ling to look at turtles. Lunch would be salad with fresh fish HOTOGRAPHSCAMERAPRESSHANLEEDEBOERALAMYREXX As told to Rob McGibbon Peter Ustinov in Quo Vadis. Above rightmushrooms. Far right A turtle Theprizedpossessionyouvalueabove all others My home in south-west London. I moved in eight years ago and I call it Il Castelluccio The Little Cas- tle. My garden is full of fruit. I have prunes pears quinces and plums. The film you can watch time and time again Il Postino The Postman is the most beautiful and touching film. It takes me back to happy times in my childhood in northern Italy when my father was a railway stationmaster. Thefigurefromhistoryforwhomyoud mostliketobuyapieandapint The great actor Peter Ustinov. I met him briefly at a party in the 90s and he was such an interesting intelligent man with a great sense of humour. Id love to go back to the 50s when he was playing Nero in Quo Vadis released in 1951. I loved him in that film. weekend78 National HOME 2 Designed by a pupil of Sir Charles Barry architect of the Palace of Westminster the grade II listed Wyfold Court has a dramatic gothic-inspired silhouette. Inside the 1870s mansion in Kingwood near Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire this three-bedroom flat has had a total makeover showcasing its 20ft-high ceilings. The new owner gets to enjoy 170 acres of shared parkland though there is a monthly 730 service charge. The antiques and Ralph Lauren furniture are for sale by separate negotiation. 0118 984 5757 water after eating because it caused cramps but thats exactly what Enrico did. My father was the first on the scene and gave him the kiss of life for two hours but it was no good. Ill never forget the sight of my 13-year- old brother lying on the marble in the morgue. The day after he died I bought a kilo of anchovies and made a green sauce with parsley. That was the start of me using cooking to relieve sadness. A year later I moved to Vienna where my girlfriend lived. It was a double loss for my parents but I had to escape the grief engulfing our family. It was there that I learnt to cook and became a wine merchant. I never returned home. I arrived in London in 1975. Initially I lived in Cheyne Walk in Chelsea then in The Boltons before returning to Chelsea this time to Harley Gardens. After I met and married Priscilla Conran sister of Sir Terence we moved to a top-floor flat in Hanover Place next to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden where we could hear the singers warming up. Later we bought a large house in Landridge Road in Fulham where I dedicated myself to gardening. I returned to the family home in Borgofranco for a BBC programme but the station had closed and the flat was deserted. I often think about those times and old photographs bring the memories flooding back. In all these pictures I am slightly apart from my siblings I think that marked the beginning of my nonconformity. Interview by Angela Wintle Antonio Carluccio is promoting Daiichi Sankyo Europes health campaign for the over-60s Make Your Heart Feel Good My earliest childhood memories are of our flat above the railway station at Castelnuovo Belbo in northern Italy where Papa was the stationmaster. Our living area took up the whole of the upper floor and there were six rooms as well as a huge terrace. When the last train was due to arrive before lunch Mamma would send me downstairs to act as lookout once Id given the alert she would start cooking fresh pasta dishing it up just before Papa sat down. We lived very well because Papa was clever. He never moved to areas where he would be a small fish in a big town instead he stayed in small towns where he was treated with as much respect as the local doctor. When I was eight we moved further north to a village called Borgofranco in the Aosta Valley in Piedmont. Once again we lived in a flat above the station although now our living area was smaller and it felt cramped with six brothers. I shared a bedroom with my older brother Carlo space came at such a premium that we migrated to the loo using it as a private room. The kitchen was the heart of the home. Mamma was a great cook and I watched everything she did mentally storing it up. I enjoyed foraging for treasures for her wonderful dishes and compiled a map charting the best local fruit producers pears in one corner peaches and grapes in another. After school Id call on each farmer in turn buying a couple of kilos of their finest produce. I loved living along the railway line but these were troubled times. In 1944 we were caught between fascist and partisan soldiers Mamma would cook for the Wehrmacht for lunch and the Resistance for dinner. I became a mascot for both and they gave me chocolate. One day the partisans decreed that anyone with two pigs had to hand one over so Papa had one of our two animals secretly killed in the station waiting room its blood drained for black pudding. The terrible squealing still haunts me though the salami was delicious. When I was 23 our contented lives changed when Enrico my youngest brother drowned in a lake. We had always been warned never to go into the TIME AND PLACE HOUSES OF CONTENTS CoverAdrianSherratt.ThispageFacundoArrizabalagaRexShutterstock The chef Antonio Carluccio 78 recalls growing up in northern Italy. Inset top right at his childhood home Mamma would cook for the Wehrmacht for lunch and the Resistance for dinner. I became a mascot for both and they gave me chocolate A short stroll from the designer emporiums of Sloane Square London SW1 this two-bedroom lateral flat overlooks the famous gardens of Eaton Square. Recently refurbished in the style of a contemporary gentlemens club more Shoreditch House than stuffy Belgravia it has a retro wood-panelled bathroom and a huge reception. The building has porterage but the service charge is more than 2000 a quarter. 020 7581 2216 4m JOIN THE CLUB CORRIDORS OF POWER COVER Old faithfuls Jilly Coopers garden of remembrance for pets 56 Social values How the housing market is linked to class 6 Wet and wild The Scottish island restored by Vanessa Branson yours for 8000 a week 8 Meet the guinea pigs The families testing out low-carbon houses 10 Something in the mortar The rise of the artisanal brick wall 16 Protected status What will expanded national parks mean for properties on the fringes 20 Numbers game Look beyond prices transaction volumes are key to spotting areas on the up 25 Move over Berlusconi As Silvio puts his Sardinian villa on sale for 500m British buyers are looking for more tasteful bargains 38 PLUS On the Home Front 4 When moving goes wrong 12 Home security 22 City Focus Bradford 28 Christmas gifts 47 The Edit 51 Interiors 52 Beyond the Brochure 58 Antonio Carluccio extract. wicked. PHOTOGRAPHYMARKROPERSTYLINGDAVIDMORGAN 100delicious. tiramisu Tiramisu is such a classic and for good reason the creamy mascarpone matches the kick of coffee and booze so well. Neil Perry We asked top chefs from around the world to share their favourite Italian desserts. The results are in and theyre nothing short of bellissimo from molten choc-hazelnut fondants to boozy tiramisu. dolceLA VITA 104delicious. delicious.105 NIGELLA LAWSON The UKs domestic goddess is as famous for her books and TV series as she is for her alabaster complexion and midnight snacking sessions in her London kitchen. Nigellas cooking style is feel-good and fuss-free epitomised by this easy yet decadent amaretto semifreddo from her Italian-inspired cookbook Nigellissima Random House 39.99. double amaretto semifreddo with golden gleaming sauce Serves 4-6 50g amaretti biscuits 1 cup 250ml thickened cream 1 eggwhite 112 tbs icing sugar 214 tbs amaretto liqueur see Shopping list p 102 Golden gleaming sauce 50g apricot jam 12 cup 60ml amaretto liqueur see Shopping list p 102 Grease a 3 cup 750ml terrine or loaf pan and line with plastic wrap leaving plenty overhanging the sides. Place amaretti biscuits in a zip-lock bag and bash them with a rolling pin until you have a mixture of coarse and ne crumbs. Place the cream and eggwhite in a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form. Whisk in the icing sugar and amaretto liqueur then fold in the amaretti biscuit crumbs. Pour mixture into the prepared pan and smooth the top with the back of a spoon. Cover with excess plastic wrap and freeze for 6 hours or overnight until rm. To make the sauce place the jam and liqueur in a saucepan over medium heat whisking to combine. Simmer for 1 minute then remove from the heat and cool slightly before pouring into a jug. To serve turn the semifreddo out onto a serving plate cut into slices and drizzle over the golden gleaming sauce. MARIO BATALI Famous for his ponytail and orange Crocs the US chef is a respected source on the history of Italian cuisine. He counts 25 restaurants NYCs mega food emporium Eataly which also has branches in Chicago Rome and across Asia numerous TV series and now a tenth cookbook to his empire America Farm to Table Hachette Australia 55 available October celebrates American farmers with recipes using local produce such as this strawberry dessert. strawberry mascarpone olive oil cake Serves 8-10 4 cups about 750g strawberries hulled 2 tbs agave nectar see Shopping List p 102 or maple syrup Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lime 2 cups 300g plain our 2 tsp baking powder 12 cup 125ml extra virgin olive oil 14 cup 60ml milk 1 tbs vanilla-bean extract 6 large eggs separated 112 cups 330g caster sugar Vanilla icing 1 tbs vanilla-bean extract 13 cup 75g caster sugar 112 375ml cups thickened cream Mascarpone lling 12 cup 125ml thickened cream 1 cup 250g mascarpone 1 tsp Grand Marnier or other orange-avoured liqeur For the macerated strawberries combine the strawberries agave and lime zest and juice in a bowl and toss to coat. Set aside for 20 minutes then drain strawberries reserving juice. Set aside. Preheat the oven to 175C. Grease and line the bases and sides of two 20cm cake pans with baking paper. Sift the our and baking powder into a bowl with 1 tsp salt. Combine the olive oil milk vanilla egg yolks and 114 cups 275g sugar in a bowl. Use electric beaters to beat for 5-7 minutes until pale and doubled in volume. Add the dry ingredients and use a wooden spoon to beat until smooth. In a separate bowl beat the eggwhites using electric beaters to medium peaks. GENNAROCONTALDOPORTRAITPHOTOGRAPHYSIMONBURTPHOTOGRAPHYNIGELLALAWSONPORTRAITPHOTOGRAPHYMARKROPER Nigella Lawson double amaretto semifreddo with golden gleaming sauce I know some Italians consider amaretto liqueur to be too frightfully dclass for words but surely thats part of its charm budino al cioccolato e amaretto chocolate amaretto pudding This pudding is the perfect pick-me-up. The kick from the liqueur the crunch from the amaretti and the sweet vanilla will make you buzz. Gennaro Contaldo wicked. LIFESTYLE FOOD