Luxury Topping Summer Newsletter


It is a well-known fact that Londoners flock to any outdoor space they can get, the moment the sun shines down on the Capital. We thought we’d bring you some respite to this never-ending heatwave and introduce you to three of our top London Boutique Hotels, where you can cool off with a refreshing cocktail.

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The slowdown in the property market and the growth of everything online could possibly lead to the end of the red socks and pointy shoe brigade of estate agents.

London Loves Business, the source of many good stories, reviewed a report from Moore Stephens, the Top 10 Accountancy Firm into the financial health of estate agents. They report that more than 7,000 UK estate agents are currently showing signs of financial distress and 153 have gone insolvent in the last year.

Estate agent failures and more boarded up shops, just leads to more doom and gloom. How can things change and shoppers be encouraged once more to visit their local shopping malls and high streets?

We asked David Bentheim who apart from his work in interior design also has a world-wide reputation for creating amazing exhibiting spaces. He believes we need something different and to turn things on their head… Read more here


Luxury Topping have enjoyed being members of Grace since Kate Percival had the vision to start a private members club with a primary focus of offering a holistic approach to health.

We asked the Club’s new Managing Director Deborah to share with us an insight into her thoughts for the club:

Grace is a rare club with many facets from health to restaurants to club activities and events. How do you see the strands blending together to the benefit of the members?

Without a doubt it is the team around the members that are pivotal to ensuring they embody the integrity of a club in the service they give members. As the club is spread over 11,500 sq. ft it is essential to ensure that our team of over 100 people integrate and know about the services available to members.

The hospitality and leisure industries have relied on professionals from the EU how do you think this will impact on the business after Brexit? 

The issues around Brexit are causing a lot of uncertainty currently and are, of course, causing some concern for us.  After Brexit we will just get on with it, I will do what I have always done in challenging situations, focus on my members and train and inspire our team so all continue to feel part of the Grace family.

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